Doremi Organiser: Jocelyn McGregor


I am a sculptor from the Lake District and currently live in London. The dichotomies in my artistic practice – synthetic impersonations of the natural in my sculptures, living between the rural and the urban environment, and working both independently as an artist and organising group projects such as Doremi – are what have become so integral to my momentum as an artist. One challenges the other and, in so, drives it.

In the short-term, Doremi draws together a group of emerging artists from around the country, for an intensive week of developing and focusing on their individual practices outside of their usual contexts and within a supportive community. The exciting venues in the rural North, such as this year’s Florence Arts Centre, provide either a wealth of new material to respond to, use or record; or the time and space necessary for artistic exploration.

In the long-run, I hope to establish a platform for emerging artists from around the country to develop their artistic practices and inter-regional networks, introducing them to a more diverse audience and vis versa, offering audiences in the North West an opportunity to engage with the multi-disciplinary approach and working methods of emerging artists from a wide geographical reach.

See you up north!


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