Artist, Lisa Risbec, joining us from Islington Mill Art Academy

Lisa Risbec  (b. 1984, UK) is a visual artist based in Manchester and a member of Islington Mill Art Academy ( Her practice is informed by detail in man-made and natural environments and concerned with the physical processes of gathering, documenting, preserving and re-purposing. Creating direct responses to space and capturing fragments of environments within the urban landscape which may soon cease to exist in their current form. Whether taking the form of crafted object, painting, photograph or animation, her work gives a glimpse into her obsessions and the way that she sees the world.

Interested in creative practice as a means of exploring place, she recently participated in a residency at Regents Trading Estate as part of Islington Mill Art Academy, where she worked in direct response to the space around the warehouse. The resulting work, ‘A Different Kind of Map’, a collection including paintings, crafted objects and photography was exhibited at Nexus, as part of the 2016 FFA Festival. A corresponding written piece ( was included in STEPZ II: Between the Rollerama and the Junk Yard – a psychogeography zine commissioned for the Loitering with Intent exhibition at the People’s History Museum, Manchester.

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