Proud to announce that artist, Freya Gabie, has been nominated by ACAVA to join us this year!

Freya Gabie grew up in South West England and studied sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and the Royal College of Art. She works responsively to her environment: provoking a conversation with place, using the particular materials and artefacts found within that context as gathered components. She is interested in the unconscious exchange between objects, people and their environment; the ways in which we relate to our surroundings, both the features we highlight and aspire to but also the aspects of it that are pushed aside or edited out. Drawn to the tentative and peripheral her work seeks to rupture relationships between these entities through interjections that articulate new meaning and agency. She works across media, from large-scale installations to subtle, transient interventions that may exist as a photograph, sound, smell or residual trace.


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