Doremi2017 Artist, HOPE STEBBING (nominated by The Newbridge Project, Newcastle)

Focus on Hope Stebbing, nominated by The Newbridge Project


Hope Stebbing graduated from Northumbria University in 2014, where she was then commissioned to collaborate on a large-scale work for Great North Run Culture and was also one of Tyneside Cinema’s Graduate Artist in Residence.

Within her work she explores architecture and the self, using language to give a voice to designs ego. She questions how we navigate our environments and the cycles of decay and then regeneration.


Doremi2017 Artist, GRIET BAYAERT (nominated by East Street Arts, Leeds)

Focus on Griet Bayaert, nominated by East Street Arts


“I’m interested in the experience of spaces, both inside and outside the body; seen and unseen. My work includes creating singular diaphanous, crystalline glass sculptures and collaborative installations, which in recent years have been with a video artist, using light, sound, glass and sometimes programming to create site specific installations. Sound work in relations to spaces and my glass work is an aspect that I’m currently developing.”


Doremi2017 Artist, CAROLINA RODRIGUES (nominated by ACAVA, London)

Focus on Carolina Rodrigues, nominated by ACAVA

Image1From the series InterIctal2016
From the series Interical
wood and pigment

“Wooden sculptures bent and carved almost to the limit. These limits and recesses summon up a deep-felt sense of the intangible but also their physical existence; creating a contradiction of presence and absence.

I work at different scales across series of work that can be materialized in sculptures, drawings and live installations such as my latest research project – planting and cataloging the specimens on the roof of the Merz Barn. My working process is very intuitive starting with gestures the works take shape. The gestures give body to memory; a topology of a feeling.

I allow for chance encounters during the making. My aim: to translate an experience without representing it and embrace the unknown to expand my experiences, knowledge and to evolve my perception of life.”

Carolina, originally from Portugal, now lives and works in London. She studied a Degree Fine Art-Painting at the Fine Art University of Lisbon, and an MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art.


Doremi2017 Artist, BEN SKINNER (nominated by East Street Arts, Leeds)

Focus on Ben Skinner, nominated by East Street Arts

Ben Skinner - image 2 - 2016

“I trained as a dancer at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and work as a freelance interdisciplinary artist. My life feels somewhat nomadic at the moment but I am lucky enough to hold a studio with East Street Arts in Leeds. Ceramics, interior design, painting and print-making have all featured within the breadth of my transdisciplinary practice and my continuing curiosity in the ‘thinking-body’ has led me to collaborate with a diverse array of practitioners.”

Ben Skinner - Image 1 - Clay Archive 32-84 copy


Doremi2017 Artist, ALIYAH HUSSAIN (nominated by Islington Mill)

As Doremi2017 edges closer I’ll be introducing you to this year’s participants!

Today’s focus in on Aliyah Hussain, nominated by Islington Mill.

“I’m a visual artist using collage, ceramics, sculpture, drawing and sound to make work that explores ideas in relation to the co-sharing of space, relationships, feminist science fiction and utopian ideals. I work with abstract forms as a way to try and make sense of complexities within relationships, often incorporating narrative and fiction in order to examine and explore different modes of communication and miscommunication.

I’m work out of Islington Mill studios in Salford and have exhibited and performed work both nationally and internationally, most recently at Caustic Coastal in Salford, Colours may vary in Leeds  and 38b projects in London.”

Doremi 2017 Nominated Artists

And the Doremi 2017 Participating Artists are…


Griet Bayaert, Josh Bilton, Niki Colclough, Aliyah Hussain, Kate Liston, Samra Mayanja, Meg Narongucha, Julia Parks, Katerina Prior, Carolina Rodriguez, Ben Skinner and Hope Stebbing

with Hattie Moore and Alex Culshaw joining me (Jocelyn McGregor) at the helm with organising!

A big BIG thank you to our partners, ACAVA, Eden Arts/C-Art, East Street Arts, Grizedale Arts, Islington Mill and The Newbridge Project for nominating this year; and of course to Arts Council England Grants for the Arts for funding us.

It’s pretty early days for this little residency and it is evolving all the time. So if, like many, you just found out about us and want to know more, COME VISIT! All public events over the residency week (9th-15th October 2017) will be announced here and on our instagram – it’s be super lovely to meet you!

Doremi 2017 hosted by The Coniston Institute and Grizedale Arts

I am very excited to say that Doremifasolasido 2017 will be hosted by The Coniston Institute and Grizedale Arts, 9th – 15th October 2017

Partner organisations will be nominating artists to participate over the coming months so do check back here/keep an ear to the ground for more info on how to apply this year. Our partners are ACAVA (London), C-Art (Cumbria), East Street Arts (Leeds), Islington Mill (Manchester), The Newbridge Project (Newcastle) and Grizedale Arts (Cumbria).

I’ll leave you for now with a beautiful piece of textiles by the Langdale Linen Industry – The Ruskin Museum in Coniston has an amazing collection of Ruskin Linen and Lace!!